Tenders Unit

  • Facilitates the tender process for the procurement of all goods, services and works over $50,000;
  • Provides Secretariat Support for the Government Tender Board;
  • Provide advice on contract negotiations and contract management issues;
  • Manages the disposal process for unserviceable and surplus assets.

Policy Unit

  • Develops procurement policies and guidelines for whole-of-government and brings it in line with international best practices;
  • Assist government agencies in procurement planning;
  • Develop and implement a competency framework for procurement;
  • Provide continuous training on procurement issues across whole-of-government.

Logistics Unit

  • Responsible for the clearance and delivery of goods imported from overseas;
  • Provide logistical and warehousing support and advice to ministries and departments;
  • Logistic Strategic Planning;
  • Logistics Management and Operation;
  • Supplies Management;
  • Contract Management.

Compliance Unit

  • Conducts compliance checks on all government agencies to ensure compliance with procurement guidelines and procedures;
  • Monitors the usage of supplier contracts;
  • Conduct investigations on any complaints regarding any procurement issues.