Public Procurement is the acquisition of the goods and services required to sustain the Fijian society and its way of life. Fiji Procurement Office (FPO) is involved in major projects around the country whether it be providing electricity in a village or buying tractor for agriculture. We are part of the team that turns plan into action assisting relevant agencies in their procurement.
A career in FPO means being dedicated to serving the best interests of all Fijians. Our staff must be ethical and champion and protect the taxpayer. Our ultimate aim is to improve the socio-economic conditions for every Fijian.
On 22 January 2016 the Fijian Civil Service introduced Open Merit Recruitment and Selection. The focus of the changes is to ensure that the best eligible applicant for each position is appointed to the position. All positions in the Fijian Civil Service are available for open competition, and eligible, qualified people are encouraged to apply. Eligibility will be specified in the advertisement and job description, but is generally Fijian Citizen, under 55 years of age, of good character with a clear police record, in sound health and able to demonstrate a commitment to the values of the Public Service (as stipulated in the Fijian Constitution)