VAT Amendment 2023

Finance Circular on VAT Amendment (August 2023)


Guide to Procurement Policy & Framework

Guide to Annual Procurement Plan (APP)

Procurement Planning Framework (Draft for Information purposes)

Tender Process

Overview of the Tender and Evaluation Process

Guide to Tender and Evaluation Process

Performance Bond Policy

Guide to Measuring & Managing Contingency Sum

Policy - Advance Payment 2013

Policy - Splitting of Contracts

Guide to Selective Tendering

Guide to e-Evaluation (New)

Conducting of Negotiations during Tender Evaluation Process (New)

Managing Contracts and Post Tender Process

Guide to Supplier Debriefing and Complaints

Immediate Relief & Emergency procurement

Guide to Immediate Relief & Emergency Procurement

Emergency Procurement checklist

Immediate Relief Procurement checklist

Finance Circulars

Disposal of & Write of Governments Assets (Air Conditioners)

Engagement of government agencies for works

Disposal of Government vehicles policy

Value Added Tax (VAT) Amendment in Tenders Approved 
by the Government Tender Board (GTB) before 1 April 2022.

Personal Protective Equipment Usage Guide

Guide to Procurement and Logistics

Disposal of Assets

Guide to Disposal of Government Plant, Equipment & Inventories

Expression of Interest

Guide to Expression of Interest

Performance Bond Policy

Performance Bond Policy

Determination of Performance Bond Policy

Government Tender Board Process

Guide to the GTB Procedures

Procurement Below $50,000

Guide to Procurement Process for Purchase below $50,000(VIP)


Guide to Waiver of the Tender Process

Warehouse Guideline (FPO Warehouse)

Warehouse and Inventory Management Guideline


FICAC Act & Prevention of Bribery Act.pdf