FPO Logistics Unit  facilitates the exportation of items for the Fiji Government. Some circumstances that give rise to exportation of items by the Ministries and Departments are as follows:

1. Privileged Goods
These are items brought in by medical visiting teams, expatriates, technical expertise for Meteorology, etc. When these items are cleared by FPO Logistics Unit only 7.5% of the total duty cost is paid. After these items have been utilized for its purpose, it is MANDATORY these items are exported back to their countries of origin via the FPO Logistics Unit. In cases where other shipping agents are utilized, FIRCA seeks explanation from agencies and the FPO Logistics Unit due to non-closure of temporary import account that was lodged by the Unit and the duties paid are forfeited.

2. Repairs and Maintenance
Goods procured by the Government that needs to be sent back for repairs/maintenance.

3. Goods returned
Incorrect items supplied by overseas suppliers MUST be sent back via the FPO logistics unit.

Export of donated goods.

How to Export Goods?

Simply send the consignment to FPO Logistics Unit with a signed memorandum addressed to the Head of Procurement, Fiji Procurement Office requesting for export services and we will do the rest.

It is important that Ministries and Departments liaise in advance to allow us to provide you with the most effective and efficient service.