The Government Tender Board (GTB) is established under Regulation 9 of Procurement Regulations 2010. They provide final approval and advice for all purchases above $50,001. 

The GTB consider tenders, indents or orders recommendations for the supply of goods, services or works and may:

  1. award tenders or approve indents; or
  2. reject tenders and indents; or
  3. ask for additional information from procuring agencies with regards to that particular procurement in order to make a decision.

The minutes of the GTB meetings are subject to audit by the Auditor-General.


Membership of the Board

As per Procurement Regulations 2010 (amended in Procurement (Amendment) Regulations 2020), the Board shall consist of a Chairperson and five (5) other members appointed by the Minister for Finance

1.Governor, Reserve Bank of Fiji (Chairperson)

2. CEO, Unit Trust of Fiji

3. Accounting Manager, Mergers Fiji

4. Partner, Samuel K. Ram Lawyers

5. Principal, Lazel Lawyers

Board Secretary

A/Board Secretary

Mr Ariff Ali

Mr. Vilash Chand

Mr. Sunil Maharaj

Mr Niven Padarath

Ms. Lydia Lazel

Mr. Waisea Uluivanuavatu

Ms. Sulia Sigawale