To have effective procurement in the Fijian Government, Agency procurement teams need to have a mixture of skills and expertise. Different team members will have different strengths based on the competencies outlined below. Therefore, a team structure needs to be established in such a way that procurement can be conducted efficiently and in accordance with the policies. The target is to enhance your competency and include this as a key part of your Development Plan.


 For all public procurement officials, there are core competencies they must work on. They are as follows:

 1. Fiji Government procurement policy

10. Construction procurement

2. Strategic procurement

11. IT procurement

3. Market and product knowledge

12. Knowledge of procurement and contract law

4. Tendering processes

14. Team management

5. Contract management

13. Self-management

6. Inventory management

15. Finance

7.Marketing, customer and supplier management

16. Information technology

8. Procurement strategies

17. Information management

9. Project planning skills

18. Negotiation skills

Access the Fiji Government Procurement Competencies here

Access the self assessment Procurement Competency Matrix here

This procurement competency framework outlines the level of knowledge and skills expected of officers. This can be used as an assessment guide for agencies when determining the level of skills of officers involved in procurement and to tailor make their capacity building programs along these lines.