Supplying to Government

The Fiji’s Government spends millions of dollars in the purchase of goods and services each year. 

The Government of Fiji will make requests via a number of procurement engagement methods that suppliers may respond to. These methods are in the form of:

  1. Request for quote - Managed by Ministries & Departments
  2. Request for Proposals/Tender - Administered by Fiji Procurement Office through the eTender portal
  3. Expression of interest - Jointly administered by Ministries/Departments & Fiji Procurement Office


Accessing our eTender portal

The Fiji Procurement Office administers the Government eTender portal to allow potential suppliers to access information on opportunities available with government. Potential  suppliers   who  may  wish  to  partner  with  government  for any business opportunities, can access  our eTender portal on

To participate in the tender process, suppliers simply need to register in the portal.  There is an online registration facility that is available within the portal to do this.

Anyone can view the eTender portal. However, only registered suppliers will receive email notifications of upcoming business opportunities and be able to respond to them online. Registered suppliers can also view information on current and closed offers and see details about awarded contracts.

Registered Suppliers are encouraged to regularly check the portal and ensure their information is current. This will ensure they receive updates about available business opportunities.

For tutorials on how to use our eTender portal, please click here