An indent is raised for any overseas procurement irrespective of the value of the procurement.

The indent will have the entire details of the goods or services procured. Through the indent the supplier will be notified that all the documents and correspondence should be sent to the Head of Procurement, Fiji Procurement Office.

The indent will be signed by the Head of Department and also by the officer who is responsible for ordering the items. Once the indent is prepared, the originals are sent to the Fiji Procurement Office. Original Documents are as follows:

  • Original Copy (Supplier)
  • Accounts (Overseas payments)
  • Logistics (Clearance Purposes
  • File copy (FPO)
  • Department copy

Correspondence Address

Suppliers must directly correspond with the Logistics Unit of the Fiji Procurement Office for an efficient customs clearing process. The correspondence address made to any overseas supplier must be as follows:

The Head of Procurement
Fiji Procurement Office

Logistics Unit

P.O Box 2212,

Government Buildings


E-mail address:

Logistics Suva Office: 
Logistics Lautoka Office: